I bought a Macbook Pro and I don’t care

As crazy as it sounds, 5 years ago I was a tech savvy. I used to only swear by Apple’s god and bought every piece of technologies related to it. I also had a ton of other techs which was a pleasure for me to unbox every week.

5 years later, days have changed. I no longer care about what I use. My only purpose is time saving. I’m not willing to start learning a new OS or test a new laptop just for fun. A computer is like a truck for me, as long as it can haul to dirt to the plant without breaking I’m fine.

I keep hearing this debate almost every month about why the MacBook Pro is the worst the computer and why they shouldn’t have removed the SD card port. It’s a useless debate for me since I already bought it. Decision has been made for a purpose and I just stop worrying about things that don’t matter anymore. I believe in technology advancement and I think every decision made by apple in the past as a good and bad thing. Just like my vision in life, I only look at good things. If I was part of the executive committee, maybe I’ll raise my hand, but for now I can still deploy my code and I can use a crazy fast thunderbolt 3 port to upload my pictures.

I’m just working in a cafe in Bali and life is great.

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