Is this the next Bali? Overview of Lombok

So I’ve just spend 3 days in Lombok and here’s my overview


Where is Lombok?

Lombok is located on the east side of Bali. That’s the other big island with a similar size. You can see it from Gili islands very easily. We’re still in Indonesia, don’t worry.


How to get there?

You can take a ferry, a speedboat or a flight. Personnaly, I prefer taking a 25min flight and relax at the airport. If you don’t have motion sickness you can take the boat option. In terms of flight, you can fly from Bali to Lombok and also from KL or Singapore. How nice is that 😉


Where you I stay in Lombok?

My spot is Kuta. No not Kuta Bali, but Kuta, Lombok. That’s roughly 30 minutes from the airport. That’s also why I choose the flight option.


What’s so cool about Kuta?

It’s a small surf town very similar to what you see in Bali. A lot of nice restaurant but understand that it’s still growing every years and there’s only couple nice café.


How’s the wifi in Lombok?

It was quite good something around 5-15mbps. The cellular network was a lot faster since the population is quite low. Just make sure to stay close to the small town. There’s a nice coverage along the south coast, but not so great if you’re in your airbnb with a metal roof. I had this problem in a lot of place in Bali. The signal is good as long as you can see the tower. Sometimes when you’re in a large hotel. The Wifi signal might not reach your room. They’re modern, but not enough to understand what is a wifi extender and that someone watching netflix can ruin your internet experience. Keep this in mind.


How to move around?

It’s the same as Bali. Rent a scooter and move around the island. The main interest of Kuta : it’s close to everything. You can drive easily to every major interest of the south. Roads are pretty awesome and way larger than Bali. They’re prepare to serve a lot of tourist


How’s the food?

A little bit better than Bali. I feel like Bali is a lot western and far from the roots. Lombok food has some great variety of restaurants. Again same problems as Bali, way too much place to eat and a lot of empty places. Make sure to google maps a place before you come. Your only indicator is the review. It’s a hit or miss if you walk-in without looking before.


Favourite place?

Pantai Seger (10k IDR)

Pantai serenting (free)

Nice and quiet beach shallow blue water



Pantai Tampah (10k IDR/scooter)

The white sand is so soft. It’s also very empty.



You can also surf if you want there’s a lot of nice spots : Don Don and Pantai Selong (on nice view as well)


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