My Mortgage Lifestyle is officially dead

The last 4 months has been incredible. Sorry for enjoying my life so much, but I feel born again. Leaving my old life behind was not easy, but a necessity. Living in a new house each month is somehow challenging, but so satisfying.

Having a mortgage was something I got use to. It’s pretty common in North America to forge the American dream. A nice house, a nice car, a nice wife, a nice family and you’re done!

  • 6 years ago I started my first job as a developer
  • 4 months later I signed my first mortgage and got a condo
  • Later on, I got my first finance car.

I had the base success that I was dreaming all my life. Finally, I made it! After having the keys, I started to furnish my apartment, improving every room and make it my own. I made more money and invested it in my house. That’s an investment and that’s what everybody should do.

The more I worked the more I realized that my job is my real passion. I slowly neglected my video games, my television, my aquarium and my other leisure. All those possessions became faded and I questioned myself on everything I bought that I didn’t use. Maybe I don’t need them anymore. If I don’t sell them right now, those products won’t last long since the technology is improving every day.

Last year, I started selling one by one all the items online. I sold all the things I didn’t use and started again focusing on what I really matter : build apps and websites. I scaled down from 4 monitors / Mac Pro to a 15″ MacBook Pro. That very computer became the first item of my new minimalist lifestyle.

Becoming minimalist is not easy when you are dealing with so many objects. Collecting object for my whole life became quickly a state of mind without even knowing it. I realized how much I wasted money buying a home. I had to furnish it. I’m not only talking about the table, oven, fridge and couch, I mean buying a vacuum, 12 bottles of cleaner, spice bottles, repairing AC, buying toilet paper, etc. Those small items quickly make an investment a waste of money. I was spending more time dealing with objects than living my own life. I’m good at coding not at cleaning a house. I won’t get more creativity to build a 1-billion-dollar startup by doing useless things.

Last December, after selling all my items, I finally sold my condo. I didn’t make any profit since the market is oversaturated. I barely get my 5-year payments back but at least now I feel like I’m living the real life. I’m moving to a new place every month. I don’t have anything to clean and it’s all furnished. I don’t even have the internet to pay, just a ticket flight and a Airbnb. I’ll spend my winter in Asia/Australia and my summer in Europe. I can actually pay almost the same price as my mortgage payment when I’m in Asia.

I can now stop worrying about cleaning my shower and start focusing on my main goal. I’m now living on the edge of every country with only a small backpack and all I need to build the best app in the world.

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