One week as a digital nomad

My internet situation has been really complicated in the past week. I busted the data cap of my airbnb within the first 4 days. I’m now chasing WIFI across the city since then. Not so awesome, when your work relies on this piece of technology.

I have eaten way too much sugar. Yes, food is great here, but it’s also very hard to dodge every occasion you could taste something new. I feel like I’ll need to improve my health in the coming days.

The past 3 days has been very wet. I mean the weather has been awful and it was probably their worst weekend of the winter. Next week looks very promising and a whole lot of sun.

The Spanish situation has been more complex than I thought. As much as I respect every local language Spanish is a tough one. Spaniard doesn’t always understand English. Not enough to speak the language every time. I came across many situations where you talk to someone in English and he answers you in Spanish. They clearly understand the fact that their language is well ranked worldwide. I’ll continue learning my Spanish with Duolingo for the next weeks, but activating a prepaid phone is not so easy.

The main goal of my adventure was to start something new and to feel less depressed. So far, I accomplished my mission. I’m curious to see how I’ll feel later this month, but so far I passed the test!

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